A few words for my best friend..

imageMerry Christmas baby…

Maybe Today is our present. It’s my present to you and your present to me.

Maybe Today is our first creation. We raised $3000 for a great cause, had lots of (too much) fun, and brought together a diverse group of people toward a common goal. But you and I both understood from the start that Maybe Today was not about just one night. It represented a life philosophy…a lifetime of not waiting for tomorrow to live our lives.

You and I work well together because we envision the same life. Travel. Food. Music. A lifetime of saving lives, saving souls, and having fun. But too often we get wrapped up in the excitement of our destination…where we will be when we just finish this pesky pain-in-the-ass thing we have to deal with. Maybe Today is a journey. I may be looking forward to Ft. Myers, Coachella, or the 2026 World Cup. I may look forward to a pretty house with a big yard and a little house on the beach. I may look forward to our big, bold non-profit and how it will change the world. But Maybe Today is not about our future. It is about our present. This is a place for us to appreciate what we cooked today, songs we heard for the first time today, and events we shared today. It is about the people we shared our love with today and the people who shared their love with us. It is about the journey…the steps we took today toward our goals.

I want to spend 2015 going on exciting vacations to new and exotic places, eating at fine restaurants, and sharing lots of festivals. No doubt some of this will happen, financial woes and all. But I also want to savor all our moments together and recognize the progress of our lives. And I want to collect it all right here…Maybe Today. All the recipes, and pictures, and songs and words that are a part of our journey. I want to share our journey with other people and learn from what they share in return. This is our life.

We have a vision for our future. It is grand and beautiful and scatterbrained and muddled. My hope is that through documenting our journey….all of our todays…our tomorrow will make more and more sense. And if it doesn’t we’ll just keep enjoying the journey.


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