To my birthday girl…

My dear….

It is your birthday. That means it has been four years since you invited your boss to your house for a 90s party. Since he was hesitant to come….he would feel socially awkward, out of place, nobody to talk to. He may even have to confront the thoughts in the back of his mind about Ms. Nicole. Best to just overdo Friday after-work drinks a bit…so sorry, so tired, long week, besides….I really shouldn’t drive. Since you pestered and didn’t take no…pulled me out of my comfort zone and my comfortable couch, introduced me to a world of Joe and John and Tracy and Tim and so many other names that would become such a large part of my life. And to Nicole….not Ms. Nicole from work….Nicole who said nice things about me to her friends and then sent me home with potatoes.

So much has happened in the four years since that night. Our two very different lives have blended into an entirely new one. We have made each other’s families our own. We have lived all over creation. We have traveled together to Florida and Maryland and Tennessee and Las Vegas and so many other wonderful places. We have eaten delicious foods and listened to beautiful music and watched breathtaking sunsets. We have changed jobs and careers and made sacrifices for our little lovey dovey family. We have shown our little girl the meaning of….Only Love Today. And we’ve eaten tacos…

You have brought so much to my life. You helped me tear down my walls…face my fears and be completely open with another person. You have shared your interests with me and broadened my horizons. You have helped me become a healthier, wiser, happier person. Most of all, you have shared Liv with me and given me the opportunity to share the love and care of another human life.

But we are just getting started. It’s time for us to move on our dreams. To change the world…to save lives, save souls, and have fun. It’s time to travel everywhere we can and to feel at rest when we are home. It’s time to create the means to multiply our love and share it with the whole world. It’s time to write and volunteer and plan events and take classes. It’s time to change the world…you and me…no tomorrows. There is only Maybe Today….

Happy Birthday Baby….I love you very very very much.


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