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The Words: A half-assed intro

My biggest intention of 2017 is to write every day. I also intend to read more. While the responsibilities of adulting have cut into my time for leisure pursuits, there is really no reason for me to read as little as I do. So that is why I intend to rearrange, multi-task, do what I need to do to finish at least one book a month. This is what I need for my mental health, what I need to become a more well-rounded individual, and what I need to connect with anyone who may stumble upon this blog.

Oh, an aside about my writing on this blog. I’m not narrowing down a focus. I’m writing about the things that make me happy and interest me…music, travel, food, my family. My hope is that by collecting and sharing my thoughts I can get closer to developing some sort of a cohesive vision in my head of how I can exploit these interests in order to spend more time with these interests. And in typical fashion I’m kicking it off by rambling incoherently about it. You don’t need to know anymore…

So…I’m going to read a book a month! This is sort of a monumental task given my track record of the last couple years. My first book of choice makes the task all the more monumental:


731 pages of biographical nerdery! It’s going to be a challenge to complete this by January 31, but why not start out big. I did get a head start by reading 106 pages in December…and if I don’t make it, no big deal, I’ll pick a shorter book for February. But I’ve been excited to read this for a little while now cause, you know, OMG HAMILTON!!! I have more to say about my love for the Hamilton soundtrack but I’m thoroughly worn out, so it will come later with the review of this book.

But yeah, book is cool. Everyone should spend more time with the Founding Fathers. Especially if you are the type who talk about the Founding Fathers like some sort of demi-gods and write Founding Fathers with capital F’s and say crap like “The Founding Fathers would be embarrassed by such and such” or “Boy those Founding Fathers would be shaking in their graves”. Being a biography, it really hones in on the fact that Hamilton (and the other FF’s) were real people who made mistakes, had conflicting morals, and didn’t all speak in unison. More on this later, too.

So that’s it. I’m planning to say things every day. Or most days. Whatever. This has been…habit forming.


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