Maybe Today

Saving lives. Saving souls. Having fun.

2018 y’all

My only New Year’s resolution…to write. Everyday. About everything. No overthinking….write write write write write write…..

The first seven are the things I love. The last three are the things I need to fully enjoy the first seven.

Let’s go.

1 My Family: We get into all kinds of shenanigans. I’ll try to share them here so you can understand why I love them so much so.

2 Travel: Atlanta in February? Cinci in April? Carolina in July? Somewhere exotic in December? Who knows! But I’ll document it.

3 Music: One paragraphs reviews on new and old music I’m listening to this year. That’s it. One paragraph.

4 Food: I’ve determined to bury myself in Mexican food this year….and eat my way out.

5 Spirituality: My thoughts on the inherent value of world religions and their ability to be a force for good.

6 Social Justice: Who is changing the world today?

7 Sports: Because it’s fun!

8 Money: Because the first seven aren’t free.

9 Professional Development: Because I don’t have enough money to not have a job.

10 Health: Because I want to live long enough to enjoy 1-7.


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