My Wife Nicole


Today I’m going to say a few words about My Wife Nicole. She says I don’t call her by her name very often. That is mostly true. I usually call her things like “My Dear” and “My Deer” and “My Pecan Peach Antelope Pie”. I’ll work on it.


Nicole loves the beach. So much so. She says she FEELS the best there. This is obviously because she is on vacation and relaxing when she is at the beach, but I just found out it also has something to do with magnesium and sea salt. Luckily we will be going to the beach in just a few days! One day maybe we will live a little closer to the ocean.


In the meantime we have a pretty good time in and around our little house in our big little town. Naperville is more of an adventure than you’d think with all the new restaurants and all the mulch we are putting down. Luckily we still get opportunities to get out and travel…


So far we have traveled to Mexico, Michigan, Philadelphia, Maryland, DC, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, North Carolina and a few other places. Soon there will be many more adventures.


Nicole is the best wife and mom, but she is also a great social worker. This summer, while I focus on getting back to writing, she is doing all kinds of research and presenting on mindfulness in the classroom. One of these days I’ll ask her to write a blog post about it.

It’s pretty great to wake up every day with somebody who not only shares my passion for travel, food, and music, but is also invested in making the world a better place….saving lives, saving souls, having fun. And taco trucks. Always taco trucks. We’re going to be really great this year. Hopefully we will see you along the way. ❤




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