Pick up a pen


Today we lost 5. By tomorrow we will gain 5 million.

Today is the day you have put off. Pick up a pen. Sit behind a keyboard. Speak into a microphone. Look into a camera.

Today is the day to shout down this false narrative for which too many of us have fallen…the narrative of “the media” as some force of Otherness, existing only to manipulate the people. We know bias is inherent to all humans and all journalists are humans. But we also know how to fact check, can recognize reputable sources, and will no longer allow anyone, no matter how much power we have given them, to purposely mislead the public regarding the difference between fake and real news.

Pick up a pen and change with the times. Let our elected officials say what they will. Let them bar dissenting voices from press conferences, encourage violence on social media, and pour corporate dollars into state sanitized newscasts. We are miles ahead of you. There are millions of us ready to scream truth to power.

Today we embrace our democracy. We will not buy the myth of a capital-G-Government that we are powerless to oppose. We know the truth that our Capitol building is wide open for any of us to walk into anytime we wish. We know that we can walk into a building in Washington, knock on a door, and speak face to face with a person to whom we have given great power. We will inform ourselves and we will vote and we will run.

And we have pens and mic’s and Facebook and Twitter accounts and a whole lot of passion. We have the numbers.

Our president’s made up rhetoric may have led to the loss of life. But it will also lead to the loss of his false version of democracy. Because today you and I will pick up a pen and remind the American public of these self-evident truths:

The media and the government are not in opposition.

The media is not our enemy. We are the media.

The government is not our overseer. We are the government.

We are a nation of laws. Those laws give you and I the power. Pick up a pen before they change.



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