Happy Fourth

I’ve been on vacation this week. It has been glorious. I intended to write something really profound and interesting for Fourth of July since we are all striving to come up with ways to feel proud of ourselves in such a tough time for our country. So I’ve been mulling over several ideas while floating in the ocean, including:

  • How the rosters of various national soccer teams reflect what being American means to me (aside from sucking at soccer.)
  • A review of Anthony Bourdain’s Los Angeles (Korea Town) episode, which sets the tone for what he decided to make his American episodes about.
  • A recap of my recent trip to Washington D.C., which inspired me with how truly simple it is to watch democracy work on a face-to-face basis.
  • How the NBA becomes more and more similar to European sports leagues, and how this takes a lot of getting used to for American sports fans, but should inspire some consideration of how we view athletes.
  • A playlist of patriotic-not-patriotic music to get us through.

I’m going to make every effort to get to all these topics, but I’ve been pretty busy enjoying my family and lots of good food so they will have to wait. I think Tony would be proud. But in the meantime, just a couple quick thoughts for this Fourth of July.

Yes. Everything is fucking awful right now. But there are still reasons to be proud today. Primary among them….


We still live in a democracy. We are still allowed a voice. And a pen. Use yours. Do it at home. Don’t sit by quietly as your family or friends spew hate or find ways to justify things that go against our values. Call them out. Don’t let your congressman tiptoe around subjects that should be open and shut for anyone with a conscience. Send them a letter. Demand more than words. Break down their doors. And if nothing else works….send them home.

Do you want somewhere to start today? Check out SwingLeft.Org. Put in your zip code and find the closest race that is up for grabs. If you live in the western suburbs of Chicago I can save you some time.


This is Sean Casten. He is looking to beat Pete Roskam in the Illinois 6th. Here’s his website. You can figure out what to do from there.

Have a Happy Fourth. Enjoy some fireworks. Have a burger and a beer. Tomorrow we grind.


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