Day 1 (on which I realize I own no green pajamas)

My beer is beer-colored but the can is green.

I love voting. I savor my time in the booth, read every word on the ballot. I get a rush when I fill in the ovals. So it is no small deal that I woke up today planning to sit this one out. My liberal mind almost exploded. Voting is my civic duty, but I owe it to society to stay in my house. I believe in science! But after venturing out to the Starbucks drive-through, and a ride through downtown Naperville, we decided to go ahead and practice our democracy. Safely, of course. We respected the rule of remaining 6 feet behind the person in front of us in line. And we only touched what we absolutely had to. And then we came home and stripped naked and took showers immediately.

I’m pretty ambivalent about where the presidential primary stands. I went into the booth honestly undecided between Old White Man Whose Policies Don’t Excite Me and Old White Man Whose Temperament Bothers Me. So I called an audible and voted for Exciting Female Candidate. Yes, I risked the virus to vote for a candidate who already dropped out. These are confusing times.

But I’m glad we voted. It felt like…an experience. Everything feels accentuated right now. This virus is scary and having to sacrifice the things that bring our lives joy can be sad. But it is fascinating to live through a generation-defining event. The next few months will change a lot about our world, from the way our government functions to how we define social responsibility. That’s why I got back on this old blog. I want to document this time. This will be a running record of how my family spends this time. I also want it to be a collection of thoughts on society; how we react, how we help each other, how we move forward. I’m hoping we take the opportunity to emerge from the next few weeks with a more defined blueprint of how to pursue a more equal society.

Now here are a few hand washing tips….

1) I hear it all day long: How do I know when I have washed my hands enough? Well here’s an easy-to-remember rule of thumb! When you have reached an adequate amount of hand washing you will notice your hands have become dry and cracked and uncomfortable to the touch. If they bleed a little, that’s a bonus! For those with a significant other, you may notice holding hands becoming painful. Now you are also practicing social distancing!

2) If you sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” from start to finish, you will know you have washed long enough. Plus it’s a blast! Sing with the appropriate amount of gusto and the six minutes will fly right by.

3) Eventually this scare will end and we will all return to our daily lives. It’s important to remember that even after we are cleared to return to work, it is still best practice to play it safe. In fact, the CDC recommends you continue washing your hands after using public restrooms for at least two weeks after the end of the outbreak.

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