Day 2: So….here we are

The dread came back today. It’s the weather. Tuesday was St. Patrick’s Day and it was sunny and things were scary but their was a festive feeling. Wednesday was dark and rainy and depressing. Nobody was out riding bikes or walking dogs. I assume they were all just in their houses reading scary things on Twitter. Tomorrow is more rain, but that’s ok. Eventually the sun will come out and spirit will rise. Now look at these cats.

I know this emotional roller coaster isn’t going anywhere for quite a while. There will be plenty of highs and lows. Obviously this entire situation is negative, but my purpose here is to identify the positive side effects that come with it. I’m very heartened to see so many people sacrifice their individual desires for the good of society.

So that’s about it. Today’s entry is short. But I want to wrap it up with a word about Trump. I won’t be talking about him much. Sure, he is going to come up once in a while because politics is relevant. But I don’t see any sense in harping in all the things he is so clearly botching. It’s been almost four years. We know who he is. We know exactly who will vote for him. We just need to outnumber them. I don’t feel like filling this blog and people’s FB feeds with all that negativity. Let’s find the good.

That’s all. Be safe. Love.


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