where we went today

I would travel great distances for Wu-Tang sugar cookies. Of course, these days I would travel great distances just to pass the time….probably further than the 18 miles we traveled to Eye Candy in Geneva. Eye Candy is right by my job, where I haven’t traveled in three weeks, but if I can drive 18 miles to spend my day doing work, I can definitely take the trip for some sweets.

So somebody on Facebook asked me if they are worth a 52 mile drive. And, well, I don’t really know. I guess that probably has more to do with your personal relationship with the Wu-Tang Clan than anything else. They are sugar cookies so I guess I would probably describe them as, umm, sweet and sort of average. I don’t really have a big thing for sugar cookies. Does anyone? I do, however, have a big thing for Wu-Tang and, while I would have difficulty arguing that the shape of these cookies made them taste better than your run-of-the-mill boring sugar cookie, I sure did enjoy the experience.

Now, I have to say I am not a fan of Rick and Morty and I have no idea what “Pickle Rick” means. Liv described it as a show that “mostly weird men watch.” That seems pretty accurate in my experience. It also means I likely would be entertained by it but it’s probably too late for me now. Anyway, the Pickle Rick eclair was absolutely delicious. Way better than the Wu-Tang sugar cookie. These are worth the 52 mile drive regardless of your pop culture acumen.

All kitsch aside, we have enjoyed most of the desserts we have purchased at Eye Candy. If you have allergies you will be happy to hear that the entire establishment is gluten free and many items are vegan. If you do not have allergies, you will never notice the missing gluten and dairy. Ok….I don’t really know about the dairy since I tend to not buy the things labeled dairy free. I think maybe it’s some kind of mental block. But speaking as a person who loves some gluten, I can’t tell that the gluten is missing.


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