Maybe January 3

The Food

This is a video of a girl crying because she wants waffles. I can relate. The day after Christmas we drove to Logan Square to try out Pretty Cool Ice Cream and for the next nine days I couldn’t stop dreaming about popsicles. So on the last day of winter vacation we returned. And it was great.

Pretty Cool Ice Cream was started by a lady named Dana Cree, who has an impressive culinary resume that includes work at places like Alinea and Nona. More recently she has become a bit of an ice cream rock star, writing Hello My Name is Ice Cream, a cookbook that dives into the science behind her creations. Cree is refreshingly transparent about her ingredients, which is especially welcome for those with allergies. Her shop, a pink storefront on California, does not currently allow entry, but a walk up window is open Wednesday through Sunday. And the popsicles are worth the drive from the suburbs.

I recommend the Key Lime Piecicle, which is not only the best popsicle I have ever had, but is probably better than any Key Lime pie I have tasted. I also had something called Coffee Pretzel Toffee. Here’s a menu. Try everything.


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