Maybe January 4

Or maybe not.

Today I went back to work after six weeks of remote learning / vacation. It was what it was. But while I was home none of us drove the Elantra because, well, we have a nicer car. So yesterday when I went to start it….it didn’t start. So I jumped it. Then I jumped it again this morning. Thankfully, it begrudgingly started up after work and I didn’t need to hassle anyone for a jump at work.

My intent was to buy a new battery at Walmart where it was reasonably priced and could be changed out in their garage. Just to be sure it was in stock I gave them a call on my break. It went like this:

Ring ring.

– Please hold.

(4 minutes)

– Can I help you?

– Hello there…I would like to stop by and pick up a car battery. Could you confirm it is in stock?

– Make and model?

– It’s a 2017 Hyundai Elantra.

– Please hold.

(6 minutes)

– What kind of car again?

– Hyundai Elantra.

– That one isn’t in the system.

– I assure you it is

– Please hold.

(6 minutes)

– Can you spell it?

– e-l-a-n-t-r-a

– Oh that’s the problem. Please hold.

(4 minutes)

– Sorry. We don’t have that battery in stock at this time.

So that was my entire break. The moral of this tale is….Walmart sucks. I wish I had something deeper but I spent too much time dealing with the battery.

PS: I bought a new battery at AutoZone. It cost fifty dollars more, but I only spent a minute and a half on the phone and ten minutes in the store and left with an installed battery. Well worth it.