maybe January 2

What did we eat?

By the end of this year I would like to feel confident in my ability to write about Indian food. Or at least know the names of all the things I enjoy. I used to zone in on the all you can eat buffets and just shovel a little bit of everything onto my plate. These days, we are obviously eating a lot of take out, so the buffet is off the table. And it takes quite a while to order as we try to remember what we have tried, what was great, what was less great, etc.

Right now our go to spot in Naperville is called Indian Harvest. It became our go to spot when we found out their menu clearly marks gluten free items. This is significant as Indian restaurants – and many ethnic restaurants for that matter – can be a little sketchy when it comes to allergy awareness. We have had Indian Harvest several times over the past few months and pretty much everything is delicious.

In the future I will try and expand more on what exactly I mean by “delicious” but I don’t quite have the right adjectives for it yet. Tonight we had some chicken vindaloo, aloo gobi, and some kind of a lentil dish. That’s all I’ve got tonight.